A roofer comes across a stray dog. They share a unique moment before the animal leaves its “life forever” (video)

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In Wales, a man recounted the fortuitous and fleeting friendship that linked him to a dog he thought was stray, met in the street. His video having been widely relayed on social networks, the animal was able to find its owners.

Lloyd Roach40 years old, works as a roofer in Rhondda, South Wales. In mid-March, he had discovered and collected a dog alone on the road, and had spoken about it in a video posted on Facebookreported Wales Online.

Lloyd Roach Roofing / Facebook

That day, the man was driving his van to a construction site when he noticed the English Cocker Spaniel walking near an industrial site. The animal had just missed being knocked down. He was not wearing a collar.

He then decided to take him to safety. He and the canine, which he called Philipsince he did not know the name, spent a few hours together.

the lovely Phil, quietly seated in the passenger seat, accompanied him to his place of work. ” He came with me to finish a roof, says Lloyd Roach. I gave him some cookies and a bowl of water. We played cards and talked about the passage of time. Then sadly he left my life forever “.

Phil’s name is actually Alfie, and his family was expecting him

The 40-year-old took the dog to the veterinarian, who discovered that he was wearing an identification chip. Thanks to the latter, he was able to contact his owners, who had lost sight of him. The reunion took place soon after.

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I’ll miss him “, entrusts Lloyd Roach. Him and Philwhose name is Alfie in reality, however, may have the opportunity to meet again. He will try to stay in contact with the quadruped’s family to receive regular news from his fellow traveler for the day.

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