A sad and frightened dog who spent his time staring at a wall regains his joy of life

In October 2020, 26 dogs were rescued from deplorable living conditions. Among them was Ralph. Cared for by the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA), the animal kept staring at the wall of its kennel. Until happiness knocks at the door of his heart…

In 2020, the RSPCA intervened at a private home to recover around twenty neglected dogs. Most of them were kept in dark shelters and had very little contact with humans. Simply unacceptable living conditions.

According to Justin StubbsRSPCA inspector, the dogs were “ loved, but the number had become too large for the owner. We worked closely with him and he agreed that it was best for the animals to be entrusted to us “.

When they were recovered, the canids were not used to being handled, which was the case with Ralph. The hairs of the latter were tangled, as well as covered with excrement and urine.

© RSPCA / Andrew Forsyth

Patience paid off

The little dog was so frightened and upset that he spent his days curled up in the back of his kennel staring at the wall. ” The team spent weeks quietly sitting next to him and offering him treats “said the director of the refuge, Tiffany Saunders. The animal would sneak up behind its visitors to grab its treat, run away and settle in a corner to eat it alone.

© RSPCA / Andrew Forsyth

But thanks to the benevolence and dedication of the volunteers, Ralph started to come out of its shell. ” When he first wagged his tail when we entered the kennel it was so amazing “, remember Tiffany.

The volunteers have also spent months gaining the trust of his peers and socializing them. All were properly cared for and put back on their feet, reports Subway. As Ralphthey ended up opening up to others and flourishing.

© RSPCA / Andrew Forsyth

A new life

Shelter staff slowly initiated Ralph walks, and allowed him to meet new people. But above all, the hairball needed a real home.

After spending more than 8 months behind the secure walls of the RSPCA, the 7-year-old dog was adopted by a couple from Norfolk. Initially shy and fearful, Ralph has metamorphosed into an affectionate and trusting companion.

© RSPCA / Andrew Forsyth

He even has a new sister, by the name of Rose. The 2 best friends love to walk in the woods, run and play. Since he started his new life in Norfolk, Ralph made many new friends and overcame fears.

© RSPCA / Andrew Forsyth

Ralph is adorable and melts the hearts of everyone he meetsconfided his adoptive mother, he is a very sensitive and gentle character who may never fully escape his past, but every day he brings love into our home. We believe that the day we met him marked the beginning of a wonderful relationship. »

A second wind, a new start in life, and above all well-deserved happiness.

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© RSPCA / Andrew Forsyth


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