A satisfactory assessment for the Bwärä association at the bedside of the turtles

Taking great care of sea turtles since 2006, the Bwärä association is reaping the fruits of its labor with a fine egg laying this season.

Counting, ringing, protecting sea turtles… This has been the mission of the Bwärä association since 2006. Over the past few months, no less than 66 specimens have been supported. A third were banded by volunteers. These are new faces. If only a third of the turtles are newcomers, that means many are coming back. Faithful to their place of birth because they feel protected there. This season, only two nests have been dug by dogs, whereas a few years ago this concerned almost half of the nests, recalls Marion Bardet, project manager for the association.

More good news: “For this year, we had 282 clutches which are both on Roche-Percée and on Turtle Bay. Just to give an example, it has doubled over the 15 years”, she rejoices. The association thus has the feeling of reaping the fruits of its labor. For Marion Bardet, this result was achieved thanks to beach protection measures. “Now the lights are forbidden, the dogs are forbidden. You can’t approach within ten meters of a turtle. The teams present every evening and every morning still dissuade people and now we don’t have practically no more disturbance. We also have a security guard who is there every evening during the egg-laying period”she explains.

Enough to allow turtles to lead a more peaceful life. Some remain in our waters, while others have returned to Australia or Papua New Guinea.

After five intense months, the volunteers now take care of the tree nursery which will make it possible to reforest the coast. Another project: the resumption of Turtle watching, this observation device in partnership with the aquarium, which had to be abandoned with the health crisis.

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