A screenwriter in Hollywood reveals why there are so few cats in the series: internet users are amazed (video)

A Hollywood screenwriter reveals why there are so few cats in the series

Michael Jamin is an American screenwriter known for having written numerous television series.

In February, the screenwriter revealed on the social network TikTok why the characters of series do not often have cats at home.

Cats frightened by the silence of the filming

Michael explained that while working on the Maron series, the main character was supposed to have several cats in his home.

But when it was necessary to shoot the scenes of the series with the cats in a fictional setting, ie a “fake” house, it turned out to be more complicated than expected!

Michael says that they had wanted to shoot a scene where the main character’s cat jumps on the table while his owner is eating salmon alone: ​​”In real life, you can’t take a cat away from a table when someone eats salmon! »

However, once they called the cat into action, the tom froze in place.

For Michael, the tomcat seemed totally frightened by the silence during the scene. It took about an hour to blow it up, for only 5 seconds on screen.

A difficult alternative

The alternative could have been to let the cat roam freely in the scene.

But for the director of a series, it is impossible because several takes are used for the same scene: if the cat is in two places at the same time on the screen, it will not be coherent.

There are of course some exceptions like Salem, Sabrina’s cat, but he was often represented by puppets.

Internet users expressed their surprise: “I had never noticed. But now that I think about it…” wrote one user.

“So interesting,” another user added. And you what do you think ?

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