A security worker goes viral for protecting a puppy from the rain, a wonderful gesture

Puppy: People are sometimes unaware that animals are also affected by uncontrollable factors such as the weather, especially when they are strays and have nowhere to hide. There are many tragic stories of furry animals that have been affected by conditions such as rain and snow. Fortunately, there are generous people who are ready to help in times like these.

In Scotland, UK, a supermarket security guard was surprised by a user of Twitter (@MelGracie_) protecting a puppy from the rain. The dog’s owner was shopping in the store and was not allowed in. But when it started to rain, he was protected by this generous human.

Puppy: The young man set the example on this rainy day.

The events took place in the town of Giffnock, and would have been completely lost if Mel hadn’t been quick with his camera. Fortunately, she was able to document this beautiful gesture and share it on her social media. And the story quickly went viral, as it has already been shared over 20,000 times on Twitter, and received nearly 150,000 likes.

Here you can see the original post:

Twitter screenshot

The trader’s gesture was very simple, but it meant a lot to this little dog and was incredibly appreciated by the internet community. After the original tweet went viral, it was discovered that this person’s name is Ethan Dearman, who shared it gratefully for making so many people happy since the photo Mel took was posted.

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