A senior dog remains trapped in the pestilential water of a sewer for 3 days, her survival is a “miracle”

Ebb had an unsavory adventure. The 10-year-old dog was trapped for 3 days in a sewer. Only his head was sticking out of the dirty, smelly water.

Our furry friends love to go for walks. This is the perfect opportunity to stretch your legs, sniff a thousand and one smells and meet fellow creatures. But sometimes, an accident arises without warning…

On Saturday April 30, a female Sprocker Spaniel (a cross between an English Cocker Spaniel and an English Springer) was the victim of a mishap that neither she nor her family are about to forget. Ebb was walking with his owners near Great Henryin the Suffolk (England), when the tragedy happened. The 10-year-old dog rushed into the undergrowth and never came back, to the greatness of her companions, Michael and Louise Cromwell.

The latter, steeped in anguish, went in search of him. For 3 days, the couple moved heaven and earth to find her. Returning empty-handed each time, they began to fear the worst.

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“The vets said it was a miracle”

Finally, after more than 72 hours searching every nook and cranny, Louisa fell on the lid of a sewer that she decided to open. It was the cold shower. Ebb was stuck underground, more than 1.80 m away. A pestilential water covered her up to her neck.

Fortunately, Michael managed to catch it and bring it to the surface, reports the British daily Mirror. Completely exhausted, dirty and feverish, the senior dog was immediately transported to a veterinary clinic. The poor beast sported swollen paws due to its precarious situation; she had remained in the same position for hours to avoid drowning.

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She had been in that dirty water, in the cold and dark, she must have been terrifiedsaid its owner, she managed to survive without injury, just an infection and a fever. The vets said it was a miracle. »

When their protege disappeared, the couple launched an SOS on Facebook. ” I can’t thank people enough for their help and supporttold Michael to our colleagues across the Channel, I was truly moved by everyone’s actions. »


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