A sergeant has moved heaven and earth to find the stray dog ​​she rescued on duty

female dog: Reunions between dogs and their masters are always emotional moments, especially when it was almost impossible for them to see each other again. A sergeant was doing his duty outside his country and saved a dog. The animal gave her all the comfort she needed when she felt overwhelmed by her work and by the distance that separated her from her family.

The two felt good with each other, but time passed and the sergeant had to go home without being able to take the adorable dog with her. After months of separation and administrative struggle, she managed to contact an organization that helped her and collected the money to bring the animal home. The reunion scenes are among the most beautiful. Indeed, the sergeant and the dog cried with joy and happiness.

A sergeant has moved heaven, earth and sea to find the stray dog ​​she rescued while on duty.

Sergeant Charity Webb, 29, was serving in Eastern Europe when she met a special, loving and shy dog, just like her.

When she met her, Charity was in the kitchen and was touched to see the dog looking for food. The sergeant gained her trust by showing her that she was a good person and that she wouldn’t hurt him. Only she could reassure the dog, because if someone else approached her or tried to pet her, she would howl uncontrollably.

In the area where she served, unowned dogs are most often euthanized. To save the dog she named PupPup, she then decided to adopt her. The two had a nice connection and somehow, they were at peace with each other. Charity sometimes felt sad to be away from her family, but the dog gave her the comfort and love she needed.

After a few months, Charity learned that she was going home. If she was happy with this news, then she realized that she could not take the dog with her. This separation was a real heartbreak for both. Charity then decided to find by all means a solution to bring this dog back to her country.

The mission to answer

A Charity colleague told her about a non-profit organization that could help transport the dog home. This is “Paws or War”, which reunites soldiers with the animals they have adopted during missions.

All his efforts were rewarded. Indeed, after months of looking for a way to see her again, she finally found a way to bring the dog back. However, Charity was worried that the dog would not recognize her once there after so many months apart. She then put on her uniform to make things easier. The dog then recognized her immediately and cried with joy.

Hot tears also flowed in the sergeant’s eyes, she was so happy. It was obvious that the two had missed each other and the kisses and hugs were quick in this magical reunion.

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