a sick young woman sees the end of the tunnel thanks to her dog

Some diseases make our daily life difficult. Fay Butler, a 27-year-old British girl, knows something about it. Fortunately, she can count on Olive, her medical assistance dog.

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The life of Fay Butler rocked during his teenage years. The young girl saw the number of fainting spells and episodes of great fatigue increase abnormally. One day, the diagnosis came in: postural tachycardia (PoTS) – elevated heart rate when standing – combined with gastroparesis – chronic gastric disease.

As she could not go out alone and perform simple daily actions, fay began to isolate herself, as well as to lose confidence in herself and in life.

A saving encounter

In 2018, a star lit her way. After learning about the organization Medical Detection Dogsknown for training medical assistance dogs, fay has met Olive. Between the young woman and the Labrador Retriever cross, it was love at first sight.

However, as reported by the British daily Mirrorthe 2 soul mates had to wait for the end of the confinements linked to the Covid-19 to meet.

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In March 2021, fay and Olive started a new chapter in their lives. ” I remember how comfortable she made me. I had no anxiety about being in public. This wave of relief washed over me “Explained the Englishwoman to our colleagues across the Channel.

Thanks to her furry friend, fay feels safe. She also regained the autonomy and social life she had lost since her teenage years.

“I have the perfect dog by my side”

Olive and his favorite human have become inseparable. The duo currently live in Basingstokea city located west of London. The dog, trained to prevent fay forthcoming blackouts, gave him a second wind. ” It’s like Olive has always been with us and she’s the missing piece of a puzzle that’s now complete.said the young woman, I have the perfect dog by my side and my life has never been better. »

A beautiful story, which shows us how much animals embellish our daily lives and make us better.

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