A squirrel settles on the third floor of a building, under the tender gaze… of a cat! (video)

capture TikTok @biscotteestunestar

Mother nature teaches us every day! On the TikTok account of Biscotte, a pretty black cat living in a small town in the Rhône (in France), we can discover the daily adventures of the tomcat.

But for a few weeks, Biscotte must share the poster with Citron-Châtaigne, an adorable squirrel who has taken up residence in his apartment located on the third floor of a building.

The flamboyant squirrel first arrived alone in January and settled on the windowsill of the couple who kept filming it for weeks… Before realizing that Citron-Châtaigne was actually building a nest to accommodate a whole litter of adorable baby squirrels.

The adventures of Lemon-Chestnut have amused the owners of a intrigued but non-violent Biscotte with the rodent and the videos of his adventures have been a hit on TikTok since the “Biscottestunestar” account is followed by more than 115,000 people.

If today, “Citron-Châtaigne and her babies left without being seen”, it is still possible to retrace their whole story.


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