A stolen puppy found thanks to Paimpolaise solidarity – Paimpol

This Paimpolaise, who lives in the city center, is both shocked and angry. On the night of Friday May 20 to Saturday May 21, 2022, her three and a half month old puppy, baptized Léon, was stolen from her in her yard closed by a sliding gate. She lived a “traumatic” Saturday morning, according to her words. But, thanks to numerous reports from Paimpolais and the speed of the gendarmes, his staffie (staffordshire bull-terrier) was returned to him on Saturday, around lunchtime. “He is a very sociable dog with children and other congeners. At three months, he goes to everyone, ”specifies his mistress for barely two months.

Under medical treatment, for ingestion of “rat poison”

From the outset, she declares: “It was a hell of a story! “. She thinks it may have been stolen from her on Friday night. Was he spotted by the couple of thieves? Did the latter want to keep or resell this purebred dog? A gendarmerie investigation is underway; the owner of the animal filed a complaint with the Paimpol brigade, which did not wish to communicate.

The thirty-year-old was worried in more ways than one; her doggie was under daily medical treatment. “A few days ago at my parents’ house, he ingested rat poison.” My vet gave him a month-long heavy treatment,” she explains.

Leon Stolen and Recovered
Léon was under treatment for a month, after accidentally ingesting rat poison. This theft could have had serious consequences, explains his Paimpolais mistress. (Leon’s owner)

“He always looks to see if I’m there”

“I didn’t think I’d find him,” she continues, but that was without counting the solidarity of many Paimpolais, subscribers to the Facebook page “T’es de Paimpol si”. Saturday morning, her brother found the thieves in the streets of the Icelandic city next to Quinic… “People also saw them at the port, at the supermarket and reported it to me,” she says, very grateful. towards the Paimpolais and the gendarmes. “In two hours, the gendarmerie found the thieves and recovered my chipped dog. Frankly, great!, she comments. I thank them”.

And how did Leon experience all of this? “He doesn’t want to go out anymore. He looks all the time if I’m there, says the victim of the theft. It will take him a few days to recover.” Just like his mistress, who hopes for prosecution.

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