a stork escapes from its enclosure in the middle of a storm, it is devoured by a lioness


Bad news in Pairi Daiza. A black-billed stork, an endangered species, lost its life after being devoured by the lioness Kira, reports RTBF. This is an indirect consequence of storm Eunice, which hit Belgium and northern France last Friday.

Indeed, as explained by Sven Watthy, spokesperson for Pairi Daiza to the Belgian media Het Laatste Nieuws : “ Like the rest of the country, we were not spared “. He explains : ” Friday night, un tree fell on the aviary of our black-billed stork, who lived there alone. The bird therefore managed to escape and landed on Saturday morning in the area where our lions live.


Bad idea for the stork, which was quickly caught by the felines: ” A hole thus created in the aviary allowed the bird to end up in the wrong place: in the territory of the lions. The harsh law of nature did the rest… Our teams are affected by this loss. The death of an animal is always a wound “, wrote Pairi Daiza on Facebook, this Monday morning.

“There were no other victims”

The scene was captured by a photographer, and shared on social media, along with the following caption: “ Today Kira treated herself to a little extra, a poor stork passing by, the unfortunate girl didn’t see it coming and Kira’s hunting instinct impressed me. It’s sad for the stork but it’s nature… “, she sums up soberly while the images are difficult to watch.

Other material damage was recorded in the animal park after the passage of the storm Eunice, ” some trees did not resist and some parts of the roofs will have to be replaced, especially in the castle “, still indicates Pairi Daiza on Facebook. But fortunately, ” there were no other casualties “said Sven Watthy to Het Laatste News.

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