a stork filmed by a webcam killing its young, wave of sadness among Internet users

Sunday afternoon, a stork from the nest of Sarralbe (Moselle), permanently filmed by a webcam in the city, sacrificed one of its young, making internet users who follow the life of these birds on a daily basis sad.

Every day, the adventures of Maurice, Mélodie and their little ones fascinate thousands of Internet users. Everyone connects daily to the site of the webcam of the town of Sarralbe (Moselle) to observe the smallest actions and gestures of these two storks and their storks, installed in a nest overlooking the town. A personal investment that sometimes results in strong emotions, like Sunday afternoon, when the mother threw one of her five babies.

“It is with very sad news that this day of Sunday ends. As we expected, unfortunately, n ° 5 has been ejected from the nest”, wrote on Facebook a user, administrator of a group of aficionados of this family of storks, totaling more than 11,000 members.

“A sad and painful event”, “The harsh reality of the animal world”, “Nature is cruel to all animals”… Many sad messages thus flourished that day on the social network, after the death, filmed live, of the stork. Baptized “No. 5”, he was the smallest and most puny of the chicks.

“Can’t Save Him”

In the midst of the many messages of sadness, many Internet users also wondered about the behavior of the stork, considered violent by some of them.

On Facebook, stork ornithologist Dominique Klein, who installed the webcam in Sarralbe, explained that the stork weighed only 490 grams. After having autopsied him, he discovered inside his stomach a ball of about 100 grams composed of insects, bits of glass and a large quantity of grass. It was impossible for him to “regurgitate” her.

“He was therefore doomed. The adults, noticing his weak attitude, only shortened his suffering with their beaks, then by expelling him from the nest”, he explained on the social network, specifying that it was “impossible to save him”.

According to the daily Alsace, drought and food scarcity may also have played into the stork’s decision to sacrifice one of its young, the one with the least chance of survival, in order to be able to better feed and care for the others. After this event, which strongly affected the enthusiasts of these birds during the weekend, Internet users resumed posting many photographs and videos. Because you have to “get up” underlines one of them.

Clement Boutin BFMTV journalist

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