A stray dog ​​”rolled” alone in a cart with a donkey

In February, Lucas Britto, who lives in the town of Rubiácea, São Paulo, shared on his social media a rather unusual scene he captured in the middle of the road. While driving, the man saw a stray dog ​​’climbing’ into a cart – incredible but true !

When we say that dogs only need to talk, it’s not an exaggeration. This little dog has shown how far canine cunning goes. The intriguing scene required the man to park the vehicle and film, so no one would doubt when he reports the feat.

A stray dog ​​”drove” alone in a cart with a donkey

And in the video you can see the little one, full, sitting in the vehicle and the horse calmly pulling it, and all this on a road and in the absence of the owner. Unbelievable !

The post garnered over 5 million views, 293,000 reactions and thousands of humorous comments.

“I think they were mistreated by the owner and ran away”, said a netizen.

“This caramel will conquer the world”, wrote another.

“Caramel no longer wants to drive alone in a car”, jokes a third.

Below is the video:

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