A Very Peculiar Dog House Could Sell For A Fortune At Auction

In Costa Rica, on April 23, 2019, Roky, a German shepherd, had a narrow escape. A meteorite crashed into its niche, damaging it quite noticeably. The impact is visible: the niche, 1.40 meters high, has a hole of about fifteen centimeters, reports ABC. The dog and its owners were not injured, but this extraordinary event gave them an idea: to sell the doghouse… and the meteorite, named Aguas Zarcas, after the name of the nearest locality. And it is the world famous auction company Christie’s which is responsible for exhibiting the property.

According to ABC, the niche could start at between 200,000 and 300,000 dollars. As for the meteorite, between 40,000 and 60,000 dollars. What to see coming for Roky and his family. “This is a really exciting auction and collectors’ opportunity,” says James Hyslop, the group’s science and natural history manager, quoted by Slate. “Meteorites are incredibly rare objects, the combined weight of all that are known is less than the annual production of gold.”

Auctions run until February 23 and Roky’s niche is offered as part of a sale dedicated to meteorites. “The official coordinates of Roky’s house, 10°24’9.35″N 84°21’51.26″W, are now part of the scientific literature forever”, rejoiced the company, details ABC. The niche has been carefully retyped and brought up to date. “The badly damaged wooden floor was demolished by the impact of the meteorite and the rotten wooden support columns were replaced”, describes Christie’s.

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