They had been found alone on a beach, and might not have survived without Kaitlyn’s precious help. 4 kittens will experience a new start thanks to a local resident and then a devoted woman who will instantly fall under their spell.


A hiker recently made a surprising discovery, Floridawhile strolling along the beaches at Jacksonville. lovemeow says he met 4 little kittens, barely a few days old, whose mother had unfortunately died.

He wanted to help the little tabbies and entrusted them to a careful vet named Kaitlynwho will do everything to get them back in shape and give them a fresh start, despite the time it will take.

“They only had 2 or 3 days”

Placed in an incubator as soon as they arrived to regulate their body temperature, the kittens also regained their strength by being properly fed.

But Scanlan, Percival, Grog and Vax’ildan (as they were known) took a long time to reach the normal weight of a kitten their age. To remedy, Kaitlyn took them to her workplace, or got up at night to feed them.

A quartet stronger and more united than ever

It is probably his unfailing investment that enabled these little creatures, orphaned and fragile, to hatch into magnificent kittens in perfect health. Kaitlyn believes that it is the observation of this development that makes its mission even more beautiful.

Illustration of the article: A vet saves 4 feverish kittens and gives them a fresh start (video)

@foster.rinse.repeat / Instagram

The veterinary nurse can be happy to see the cats all playing together, using the litter and bickering in joy and good humour. All met for nights full of hugs and tenderness at bedtime.

Illustration of the article: A vet saves 4 feverish kittens and gives them a fresh start (video)

@foster.rinse.repeat / Instagram

After weaning, the kittens joined Love Me True Rescue, a foster care program that prepares them for adoption. Famous felines Ford, Fletcher, Fitz and Roast continued to share their nights together and finally everyone found their forever family where they continue to have fun and enjoy every moment.