A veterinary nurse has 20 weeks to find a new home with her 20 dogs

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5 months. This is the short time available to the founder of an association helping dogs in distress to find a new home capable of welcoming them, her and her 20 canine friends. The family can no longer stay on the farm they rent, as its owners have to take it over and renovate it. A call for help has been launched.

A Frenchwoman living in Ireland where she runs a shelter, has launched an SOS in the hope that we will help her find new accommodation for her dozens of dogs. Information reported by Belfast Live Thursday, March 31.

Caroline Delaye, 45, moved to the British island 27 years ago. Trained as a veterinary nurse, she had volunteered at the SPCA of North County Dublin, in the Irish capital, to thank the association for having helped her during her very first rescue. It was then a Collie that she had discovered collapsed in the street.

She then founded her own refuge, the Together Furever Home. In total, she has rescued and housed nearly 100 dogs, and currently has 20. She had rented a farm for 7 years, but the owners plan to take it over and renovate it. Caroline Delaye must find a new home, large enough to accommodate his canine family, within 20 weeks.

She says she is ready to move anywhere, both in Eire and Northern Ireland. She does not hide her fear of what the future holds for her. ” Today I fear for the future “, she confides in effect, launching a call for help.

“In 20 weeks this dream life will be over and my dogs will be homeless”

Caroline Delaye would like to point out that the owners of the farm have always been correct and that she does not blame them. However, he must find a solution as soon as possible so that his adorable pack does not find himself homeless. Pack mainly made up of medium and large dogs (German Shepherd, Great Dane, Saint-Bernard, Saluki…), but also Terriers.

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The one who earns her living doing portraits of pets and doing grooming says that ” what is in danger here is the life of a family. Maybe not like most, but we’re family and I’ll do whatever I can to protect her. “.

Caroline Delaye compares the farm to a paradise for his dogs, with large expanses allowing them to exert themselves and play in complete safety, as well as streams for bathing. ” But in 20 weeksshe continues, this dream life will be over and my dogs will be homeless “.

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” I regret nothing “

More than ever, she now needs a momentum of solidarity to be put in place around her and her family. So that she can continue to take care ” animals that no one wanted, that had been abandoned, neglected or left for dead “. Creatures who suffered tremendously, either physically or emotionally, but became dogs. balanced, educated and friendly “.

I regret nothing, because the happiness, joy and love of my pets are worth everythingadds Caroline Delay. I just hope someone can help point me to the right place where I can create a sanctuary to save lives and make their world a better place. I pray that we have a future. »

A kitty has been opened on the platform GoFundMe.


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