A water fanatic dog jumps in a fountain, her owners can’t get her out

female dog: Some dogs like to run, play with balls, or even sleep. And when it comes to bathing, every dog ​​has their own personal preferences. Some dogs hate the bath and just hearing the water flow. Whether it’s a garden hose or a shower, they freak out.

However, some break this rule and even like to bathe when they see lakes, rivers, pools or the sea. This is the case of a Yorkshire dog who lives in Brazil. She rose to fame on the TikTok social network after jumping into a water fountain in the middle of the street.

It’s about Tombinha, a dog who has her own profile on the social network, which is of course managed by her owners.

female dog
© YouTube Capture

In one of the videos posted on the social network, she seems to be taking a typical walk with her owner. But when she saw a large water fountain, the dog got so excited that she tried to jump into it. His owners laughed at their Yorkshire’s reaction to the gushing water.

In fact, the dog kept barking and trying to jump into the fountain. That’s when her owner picked her up so she could see the water more closely. But the dog jumped into the water without hesitation.

As the Yorkshire was small, the water covered most of her body and her owners were unable to get her out. Even though she was on a leash, the dog swam with all her might. She was determined to stay in the water at all costs.

After several attempts to pull her out of the water, her owner finally managed to catch her. However, they both got quite wet.

You can see below the video of this little dog so excited by the water that she does not want to leave the fountain:

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