A wolf spotted and photographed in a village near Reims

The Marne prefecture recently indicated that a wolf had been seen and photographed in Pévy, near Reims (Marne) on April 4. The local authorities thus came to confirm information that had been circulating since the event. Daniel Vaquette, mayor of the village, explained to The union that the animal was in a field when it was spotted by farmers driving by about 20 meters away.

A noticeable return

“The wolf was moving across the plain. He didn’t seem very wild, ”said the chosen one, referring to the absence of a wolf for a century. He also estimated that the presence of these canids had been more frequent on French territory for some time.

The photo of the wolf passing through Pévy was sent to the French Office for Biodiversity. It was these experts who determined which animal it was, confirming the impressions of the witnesses. Local farmers have been notified.

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