A woman finds a fur hat in a shop: when she touches it, her heart jumps

A woman finds a fur hat in a shop

This client had the scare of her life while wandering through a vintage store in New York.

The hat will come to life

This story is told by our colleagues from Wamiz Poland. A New Yorker whose nickname on TikTok is @thethriftymas was anticipating in a vintage store in the hope of finding a bargain.

And bingo, his gaze landed on top of a shelf. The young woman will then notice a fur hat, probably dating from the 1950s.

Delighted with her find, she decides to grab it to take a closer look and try it out. Suddenly, the hat will come to life!

She’s the star of the shop

What was the woman’s surprise when she discovered that it was a curled up cat. She will then understand that the feline was not there by chance. He turned out to be one of the shop employees. He likes to sleep in clothes and very quickly won the sympathy of customers.

“I swear my heart skipped a beat,” @thethriftymama admitted.

The tomcat collects a lot of positive opinions on the Internet: “If you are lucky, their affectionate, almost “canine” cat will honor you with his presence,” wrote one of the Internet users.

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