A woman finds a weakened cat in the forest, welcomes it and has a bad surprise!

Cats or dogs, more and more of them are being abandoned in the street. A fact that does not fail to sadden lovers of these pets. In the Vosges, a woman would have been surprised to see a feline in the middle of the forest. After having collected it, the latter is surprised by an unprecedented observation! What happened ? Tekpolis gives you the details in the next lines!

An abandoned cat?

The information was relayed by our colleagues from Ouest-France a few days ago. While a woman was walking in a forest in the Vosges, she made a terrible discovery. Indeed, she found a stray cat in very bad condition. The latter was particularly very weak and thin. Something to worry the young woman who decides to take him under her wing. Faced with the state of this feline, the latter takes him directly to a veterinarian.

A wild cat found by a woman!
© ASPA Vosges on Facebook

Once taken care of by the center, we find that the cat had contracted several diseases during its passage through the forest. He was particularly affected by typhus virus. But that’s not all ! He also caught “a lot of intestinal worms”. What explain his weakening as well as his appearance which particularly worried the one who found him. It is the Association for the rescue and placement of animals which has also made the observation.

A big surprise for the new mistress!

Once cured, the stray cat from the Vosges forest was taken in by the one who found him. But once at home, it was a real surprise that she had in front of her. The latter would have had “a strange behavior” as indicated by the ASPA Vosges in one of its publications on Facebook. It would indeed seem that the feline did not stop growling when it fed. In terms of cleanliness, he was also not a model pet.

A wild cat discovered in the Vosges forest!
© aspavosges on Instagram

And to top it off, the latter came to attack the others. Even the new mistress had trouble taking care of this cat she had taken in. After some examinations, it was established that the feline was in fact a wild and protected animal. This forest feline cannot therefore be domesticated.

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