A woman is in danger in a park

Sherry Noppe disappeared on May 3 after walking her dog in Texas.

Fortunately, Sherry was found early on May 6 after Max, her black Labrador alerted rescuers to her location in the woods.

A real miracle

Officers said it was a miracle that Sherry was alive after being missing for so long.

Sherry was quickly rushed to the nearest hospital, where she was treated for dehydration as well as cuts and bruises.

Sherry’s children hailed Max’s bravery in saving his mistress. The dog acted like a true hero: he stayed by Sherry’s side for three days, refusing to leave his mistress in danger.

Barking alerts them

Rescuers found Sherry after an extensive three-day search in the nearly 2,000-acre wooded George Bush Park.

Rescuers were able to locate Sherry and Max after hearing the dog barking.

Fortunately, Max is healthy after the rescue. He was examined by a veterinarian and given a good comfort bath, according to his family.

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