A woman quit her boring job as a publicist to become a cat sitter


Cat: There are people who make risky decisions in life in order to achieve their dreams. Occasionally, you have to bet on what you want to have in the future and where you want to be, so we can sacrifice some things. A young Brazilian woman knew she was wasting her time in her boring job as a publicist and decided to radically change her life.

Amanda Santos has always been an animal lover, especially cats. So why not dedicate yourself to working with them, doing something she loves ? This is how he came up with the idea of ​​launching Cattitude, a company that offers care services for kittens.


Thanks to the fact that she has been very successful in her business, she can now make a living from it and does not need another job. But it’s not new to her either. Because even if she was a publicist, she worked in an NGO that saves abandoned cats for more than ten years.

She kept cats after 2017 and managed to have over 30 clients.

She took care of their pets when they travelled. After her entrepreneurship, she developed further and knew she should never work as a publicist again.


She thought she could support herself with her own business that she loved so much. Subsequently, she began to take care of dogs as well, in order to offer a more complete and diversified service. When it comes to cats, she first gets to know the environment they live in and get to know them, then she takes care of it with great devotion. With the dogs, she even takes them for walks.


Because, as we all know, dogs have special needs, different from those of other animals. So it’s part of his job to take the dogs out for a walk. Amanda is very proud of what she has accomplished and will continue to grow in the world of pet care.

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