a woman sings a last farewell song to her beloved dog

The dog in this story is called Joy. Although it was one of the hardest times of her life for her, she wanted to record the moment. where Joy lost her life. Hoping to feel the empathy of someone who knows what it’s like to lose such a special person.

Unfortunately, Joy had a medical condition that was not treatable, so he had no hope of continuing to live. From the first moment Valeria (his owner) heard about his medical condition, she was determined to prevent her dog from having any negative experiences at all costs.

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With an unmotivated heart, she said on her Instagram account: “Today Joy is gone and with him a large part of my soul. »

A woman sings a final farewell song to her beloved dog

When Joy started showing signs of great discomfort, Valeria Schapira didn’t think twice, she knew that to end her extremely negative experience in this world, she would have to make a very complicated decision..

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It occurred to her that to make him feel loved until his last breath, she would sing him a song that would soothe him. Although it was very difficult for her to sing, Valentina did not stop. She was convinced that it was the best way to say goodbye to the one she loved so much and with whom she had shared so many good times.

Along with the video, she wrote this: “As we have always shared our adventures, I also want to leave you a little video, part of our time together in these farewell days”.

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In response to the video, it received thousands of views and an equal number of comments full of solidarity with the journalist. She couldn’t help but respond in gratitude for the affection of those who not only shared their many adventures, but also their last moments together.

She said: “I will write about him and his teachings; there will be time… the time has come for him to go to a purer land. Thank you to all of you who have accompanied us these days with your love, your prayers, your affection and your respect. Thank you forever to everyone who helped us through these times.”

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Before taking his last breath, he put his paw on Valeria, as if saying to her ” goodbye “. What is certain, however, is that this period of his life would have been less bearable without so many testimonies of affection from empathetic Internet users.

Although the story is from 2018, it is undoubtedly a clear example of the love between animals and humans.

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