A young man searching for his family in the mud finds his dog

Dog: A heartwarming image touched viewers after news of the tragedy that ravaged the city of Petropolis, in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro. Amid heavy rains and landslides in the city, a resident, still searching for his grandmother and brother, found his pet dog in the rubble.


Dog: In this tragedy that killed at least 34 people, finding the little dog is almost a miracle.

According to station information, publicist Carlos Menezes has found his dog Pitocowhich had been lost after a landslide in Morro da Oficina. The animal was adopted about a year ago.


Hours after the mudslide, Menezes was still searching for his grandmother and 18-year-old brother, both missing after their home was washed away by mud. But at some point, he catches a glimpse of his beloved pet named “ Pitoco“, a stray dog ​​he adopted a year ago.


The dog had disappeared after the landslide, Menezes saw him paralyzed at the top of the hill and too scared to descend through the mud and debris. Then, the young man went up and found his furry friend, whom he had to lower into his arms. ” Pitoco was still shaking with fear when the young man found him. The little dog was dirty, muddy, but safe and sound.


Despite the joy, the advertiser still has great anguish: his grandmother, 65, and brother, 18, were buried and have yet to be found.

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