a young woman accuses a mayor of having killed her dog, an open investigation


The owner of a husky is convinced that the mayor of the town of Bérelles fatally hit her dog with a shotgun. The latter does not deny having shot but assures that the husky fled.

the thread, titled “How a mayor cowardly shot my dog ​​and refuses to return the body to me”, went viral over the weekend. More than 18,000 retweets, 34,000 likes: the story told by Chloé Williame’s companion on his Twitter feed moved Internet users. A story shared by more than 20,000 users.

The couple accuses Orfeo Rigoni, mayor of the small town of Bérelles in the North, of having shot Pouchka, their husky, with a shotgun. The dog has not been found since.

According to their story, Saturday morning Chloé Williame finds a friend, also owner of a husky, to walk the dogs in the forest. They begin a walk with the two dogs, without a leash around their necks. “They are completely harmless, ultra-sociable and there is never anyone there in the forest,” says Pouchka’s owner on Twitter.

The dogs begin to roam freely. But this time they don’t come back. “I got worried,” Chloe told BFMTV. The two friends come out of the woods, return to the village and shout the names of the dogs. Their anguish increases when they discover white hairs that seem to correspond to those of a husky on the barbed wire of a field. Back in the car, they find one of the two dogs. It’s not Pushka.

“I shot your dog, so what?”

Chloe, joined by her companion, will continue to look for her dog all afternoon, going door to door and making calls on social networks. Until she received a call: “I’m sorry to tell you this… but the mayor shot your dog and killed him. I didn’t have the courage to tell you to your face because my children were there…”, he was told on the phone.

“When I was called to tell me that my dog ​​had been shot by the mayor, that’s when I stopped my research”, explains Chloé on BFMTV, who goes to the elected official.

“He answered me straight in the eye: ‘yes I shot your dog, so what?'”, says the young woman on our antenna.

A version contradicted by the mayor

Chloé filed a complaint and the mayor was heard by the gendarmes. He denies having killed Pouchka and explains that he wanted to protect his sheep. “I fired two shots to make noise to scare them. And I fired a third shot because he was going to catch a lamb. There he was hit a little bit and then he ran away”, confides Orfeo Rigoni to BFMTV.

For him, the story ends there. However, testimonies reported by the couple of owners contradict the version of the mayor. According to these the mayor would have fired a first time with a rifle and would have missed his target. He allegedly went for a second and fired two bullets at Pouchka as she tried to leave her ground. The city councilor would then put the body in a bag.

“The dog collapsed in ten seconds, we didn’t hear him anymore. And he [le maire], maybe went up 5-10 minutes later with a bag. He put it in the bag and it came back down,” a witness told BFMTV anonymously.

The couple opened an online kitty to finance the lawyer’s fees and the cremation of his dog, provided that the body is found. She promises to pay the amount collected to the Humane Society if this is not the case. For his part, the mayor assures since this story, to be the victim of dozens of threats.

Florian Bouhot Journalist BFM Regions

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