Abandoned Cat Who Lost An Eye And Rejected For Its Looks Has Finally Found A Home

Cat: Animal rescue foundations fight daily to ensure that their residents are adopted by a loving and caring family. But, it becomes a more difficult mission. When the animal suffers from a physical deformity. They are often discriminated against because of this. As happened to Eggbert, a cute kitten.

Eggbert, like many other kittens, likes to gently nudge humans as a sign of affection. He is soft and cuddly, and follows caregivers at the Fairfield Area Humane Society, the shelter where he lives, to give them love. Although he is the perfect cat, no one wanted to adopt him because he only has one eye and is missing one nostril.

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The two-year-old kitten had a family. But they themselves left it to the animal rescue foundation in Ohio, USA. Since then, officials have been doing everything possible to find a new family to welcome little Eggbert.

The cat has always been the victim of discrimination

But the obstacle to finding a new home for Eggbert isn’t just his deformed face. The little kitten is suffering from epileptic seizures, her former owners told the shelter. But, the animal rescue center announced that he has never had one since living with them.

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And if he’s epileptic, they’re willing to help pay for his new family’s vet bills. However, the shelter is confident that they will soon find a new home for this unique cat. After posting her story on Facebook, requests for adoption for Eggbert started pouring in.

“He is a sweetheart and gets along well with other cats, dogs and children. He loves to head butt, scratch his chin and follow you everywhere,” can we read in the post on the social network Facebook.

The shelter has analyzed all the adoption proposals that the adorable cat has received. And in just five days after the mail, today Eggbert is already with a family, who loves him forever despite everything.

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