Abandoned dog greets rescuers with gratitude, but one of her pups doesn’t hear it that way (video)

This dog was cowardly abandoned by her former masters in the property they had left behind, leaving her alone with her 3 adorable little ones. They have therefore not been socialized to humans. If the mother was happy that we finally came to her aid, one of her puppies showed resistance and did not hesitate to show its small fangs. Today, fortunately, he is completely conquered.


Pumpkin patch is the sweetest and most loving dog that the association’s lifeguards have ever come across Stray Rescue of St. Louis.

The poor girl was abandoned with her babies by her former masters who had moved away and left them behind without giving them a last look.

“Yes! They left and just left them! They ran through the streets”said a neighbor who witnessed the heartbreaking scene.

Pumpkin patch therefore managed to raise her 3 puppies outside alone. Fortunately, she got food thanks to the neighbor, but also needed comfort and affection.

Donnathe founder of the organization, therefore traveled on October 1, 2022 with a volunteer to help the dog family.

The woman was happy to realize that her ordeal was finally behind her, but one of her unsocialized babies became frightened.

She is one of the sweetest mothers we have had the pleasure of meeting. However, one of the little ones was the grumpiest thing we’ve ever seen.”reported Donna on Dog heirs.

Gain confidence

As can be seen, Pumpkin patch is extremely grateful to his Good Samaritans. She showed unprecedented gentleness throughout the rescue. The car ride was an emotional moment for Donna and her sidekick looking at the dog who is excited to finally start a happy new chapter in her life.

However, not everything went smoothly.

A frightened puppy gave his rescuers a hard time. After being flushed out of his hiding place, he tried to bite his benefactor.

Fortunately, in a few days the baby understood that he finally had nothing to fear and that men are there to offer him everything he needs.

We can actually see him enjoying a little nap on the lap of a shelter staff member.

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Today the doggy apprentices are off Pumpkin patch was placed in foster care. Their mother, on the other hand, will soon be sterilized and then offered for adoption.


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