Lisa Reamsthe association’s director Saving Grace Animal Rescue (SCAR), was contacted by a resident of the county Yazooin the state Mississippi (United States).

The man explained that for several days he observed 2 adult German Shepherd dogs prowling the public dump after being abandoned.

Lisa therefore hastened to save them. When she arrived, she found that there was indeed a male and a female, but also 2 puppies a few weeks old.

The parents were obviously protecting their offspring from this unknown. But after being patient, the Good Samaritan understood that they were not aggressive, just scared.

Indeed, after a few minutes of hesitation, the pair of dogs approached Lisa to get a hug.

The young woman then easily loaded the small family into their vehicle and headed for the shelter.

Waiting for a home

Animal welfare associations are overloaded during this period, and they SCAR is no exception.

The canines were therefore transferred to NYC second rescueat New Yorkwhich has many host families.

The parents, named Luke and Jennyas well as their babies, phoenix and miles was also examined by a veterinarian.

The clinical examination showed that the adults had heartworm disease (or dirofilariasis), but with adequate treatment they recovered quickly.

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The rescue group does not want to separate the canines at this time. He is therefore actively looking for adopters ready to welcome them all until phoenix and miles are old enough to stand on their own two feet.

“They are safe now and that is the most important thing. They will never be thrown out like this again. These adorable doggies will make their future masters happy ยปconcluded Jennifer BrooksChairman of NYC second rescue.