About 40% of breeding birds are threatened in Switzerland – rts.ch

Almost 40% of the 205 species of birds breeding in Switzerland are considered threatened. This is three times more than on a European scale, said Tuesday the Swiss Ornithological Station, in Sempach (LU).

Over the past twenty years, the situation has deteriorated slightly, as more species have had to be classified as ‘potentially threatened’. “Switzerland is therefore far from being a model student in bird protection,” says the Swiss Ornithological Station. The organization released a new red list of threatened breeding birds on Tuesday.

All habitat types have threatened species. The situation remains particularly precarious in humid biotopes, where 64% of bird species are on the red list. In cultivated areas, 48% of bird species are threatened, a consequence of the continuous intensification of agriculture.

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Global warming and leisure in question

Trends considered worrying also appear in the mountains, notes the Ornithological Station. Now 38% of mountain birds are considered threatened. This phenomenon “could be linked to global warming as well as the increase in the use of space for leisure”.

However, species have been able to recover thanks to encouragement measures. This is the case of the jackdaw, the white stork and the crested lapwing.

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Acting in wetlands

To improve the situation of breeding birds, agriculture is called upon to reduce the intensity of exploitation and to encourage more close-to-nature structures.

It is also necessary to act in wetlands in order to create and promote a network of sufficiently large and undisturbed wetland biotopes, underlines the Ornithological Station.

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