about fifteen dogs discovered dead suffocated by the heat, in a caravan in Le Creusot

About fifteen dogs were found dead in a caravan at Le Creusot in Saône-et-Loire. Six others were saved by the SPA of the town.

Fourteen dogs were found dead, probably because of the heat, locked in a caravan in Le Creusot. The owner had left his animals shortly before the weekend. He told investigators that his trailer was air-conditioned.

The heat wave will not have spared the lives of fourteen dogs locked in this caravan and whose air conditioning would have broken down, according to the owner. The man was probably breeding American bullies illegally. This breed of dog, originally from the United States, is highly sought after for its molossian appearance. Its price varies between 1000 and 1500 euros.

Faced with this slaughter, the alleged clandestine breeder burned the bodies before burying them. A friend convinced him to report the facts to the police. Six other animals that were also in the trailer, including two puppies, did not succumb to the heat.

The surviving beasts were recovered by the SPA. All four females are in critical condition. The association will file a complaint against the owner. Its volunteers are angry: it has been two years since the association warned of the existence of this clandestine breeding. She is sorry that it took a drama to end it.

The Chalon-sur-Saône prosecutor’s office confirmed that an investigation was underway to find out the
reasons for the deaths of these fourteen dogs.

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