Did you know we were actually two ages apart? One is based on our date of birth: we are then talking about chronological age. The second is calculated from “all the systems that make us up (cardio-respiratory, lung, bone, immune…)”, as doctor Christophe de Jaeger explained in an interview with Atlantico. This is called biological age. It can be determined by many parameters such as genetics, our lifestyle or even certain diseases. But according to a new study, carried out by researchers from the company Deep Longevity, Stanford University (California, USA) and the University of Hong Kong (China), a psychological factor in particular can cause us to age prematurely.

To reach these conclusions, published in the journal Aging Us, they drew on data from the “China Health and Retirement Longitudinal Study” (CHARLS) study, conducted among more than 4,800 adults in 2015. The researchers built an “aging clock” based on approx. fifteen blood biomarkers (e.g. cholesterol level), seven biometric aspects (such as blood pressure) as well as the biological sex of each participant.

Their aim was to “demonstrate the connection between the physical and psychological aspects of ageing”. In addition to certain parameters, such as the area of ​​residence or smoking, they discovered that a psychological factor (…)

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