Activists rescue a Fox from a fur farm, he is now free and healthy

Each day, thousands of foxes are tortured on fur farms. An inhuman and painful practice that exists as a matter of fashion and is widely practiced today. Fortunately, some are lucky enough to be rescued.

The story of this red fox named ” France“, who was rescued from a Polish farm, is both truly difficult and heartwarming. The UK charity known as Open Cages is carrying out these rescues and seeking to ensure the welfare of the animals who have suffered so much.

A few months ago, the organization and its activists investigated a Polish fur farm for negligence.

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Unfortunately, when they visited the site, they found heartbreaking images; the foxes were in small cages, scared and hungry, according to Bored Panda. The foxes had little room to move around inside these tiny metal cages. They were then injured in the legs because of the many tramplings they suffered during their stay on the farm.

Helpless and frightened foxes even tried to escape from this place. In their attempts to regain their freedom, some of them managed to get out; among them is little Frania who was found searching for scraps of food near the cages.

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When they saw her, Open Cages activists immediately got down to the task of gaining her trust to approach her with many, many precautions. Frania had already suffered a lot, and when they were able to approachthey grabbed her to take her with them and bring her to safety.

She was quite weak so she was immediately taken to the vets where she received the care and treatment she needed to recover. She was still quite scared in the presence of humans, but she responded courageously to every visit and medical check.

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As soon as she recovered and her strength returned, Frania was moved to a safe space. Subsequently, the personality of his species began to emerge.

She approached other rescued foxes and was able to calmly interact with them, which was new to her. Gradually, she began to happily explore spaces and enjoy her new life. She experienced so many things news for her. Also, she was a naughty little explorer; she was playing in the grass, digging in the dirt, or wandering happily around her new home.

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Unfortunately, not all foxes met the fate of Frania; many more continue to suffer on these fur farms. The hope that all this will be different does not fade. For the momentPoland and Estonia are close to achieving a ban elimination of the fox trade, which would save millions.

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Open Cages is truly committed to making a difference for animals. They are fundraising throughout December in their fight against the cruel and outdated fur trade industry, which has recently seemed on the verge of collapse.

They thus seek to put an end to raising animals for their fur and thus saving more foxes, like Frania, from the cruelty of these places.

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