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Admitted to a retirement home, she had to abandon her cats

A heartbreaking abandonment with unexpected consequences for this woman and her cats.

When she entered a retirement home about three years ago, the mistress of Missy and Zipper – two 16-year-old Birman cats – had to leave them behind. She was strictly forbidden to take her two beloved tomcats with her.

A difficult decision to make

Determined to find the best solution for her best friends, the woman then tries her luck with her family. Unfortunately, no one wants to get their two cats back. She no longer has a choice and must entrust them to the Annual Arundel County Animal Care & Control (AACAC) in Virginia.

Devastated, the old lady also left very specific instructions about her cats, not wanting to leave anything to chance. She indicated that they had never been separated, what they liked to do and eat, their little habits… A gesture that touched everyone at the shelter a lot.

For its part, the shelter posted a nice announcement to try to find a home for the two cats who should not be separated. Of course, adopting two 16-year-old cats isn’t easy, but a woman from Oregon called.

She indicated that her parents lived next door to the shelter and that they would be a perfect family for the toms. Eventually the parents came to the shelter and love at first sight was immediate between them and Missy and Zipper.

Thanks to Missy and Zipper’s beautiful story, many other senior cats from the shelter have been adopted.

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