Adorable Dog Saves Newborn Baby Found In Dumpster

Chien: The whole of Argentina was divided between emotion and indignation on Monday at the news of a woman who gave birth in the toilets of a gas station and abandoned her baby. Security cameras captured the woman walking into the bathroom, lingering for half an hour, then calmly leaving after leaving the newborn baby in a carrier bag with the umbilical cord uncut.

There were details of the location – it was in Mataderos, between Lisandro de la Torre and Directorio – witnesses and even heroes who sheltered her and saved her from a horrific death. It’s one of those stories that’s hard to believe, and yet it’s true.

But since Sunday, social networks are also divided between emotion and indignation in the face of an equally sinister incident: a dog saves the life of a newborn thrown in the trash. Media around the world reproduced the story, which allegedly took place in Campiñas, Brazil.

What happened to this “miracle” created in the networks?

If some notes speak of a stray dog ​​who smelled the baby in a garbage can and carefully took it in its mouth to take it to the nearest house, others evoke the maternal instinct of a dog who treated the baby as if it were one of her puppies.


The goal was the same: human cruelty versus animal pity and the miracle of life. In this story, we also find images where we see the newborn hanging from the mouth of the dog, the umbilical cord in the air. But only that. There is no more data. There is no video. There is also no witness, exact location or police report.

The media reported that “The baby was taken to the hospital” and that he is safe and sound, “while the authorities are still looking for the mother who threw the child to certain death”. They then deleted the story from their pages. But on Facebook and Twitter, it continued to circulate and multiply, for that is where it was created. Observant users began to wonder if this was all real.

Dog: It seems like it all started with this post by Brazilian Fabio Allan, which has been shared over 6,231 times and has 93,184 likes

Among the 5986 comments on his post, some refer to other posts where the same story, with the same photos, happened a few days before in different parts of the world, such as in Saudi Arabia.

After the news of the dog ” padrazo“, as it is called in Mexico, has been shared in Spanish over 600,000 times in less than 24 hours, a photo has also gone viral where it is clear that this incredible thing is nothing but a strategy to preach this or that religion, due to the miraculous nature of the story, and that the priest, parish priest or rabbi -depending on the tunic he wears- would have some knowledge of Photoshop (not much, as the density of light on the baby’s body contrasts with the rest of the image). Did you share it?

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