After all, does Google display Russian military bases on Google Maps or not?

The situation in Ukraine has led many companies to take strong positions against Russia. Most of them simply block their services in this territory or terminate their activities in protest.

This is what Google has done with most of its services, going so far as to try to block Android usage. A new action now seems to have been undertaken, to display on Google Maps the bases and other military assets of Russia. But will it really be so?

Military bases in sight in Russia?

Google has always taken a tough stance when it comes to Maps. Some locations, of strategic importance for many countries, are simply blocked in this map service, appearing only as blurry areas and with little information.

This process appears to have reversed with respect to Russian territory, leaving many of the country’s military complexes in sight. THE the information came out on twitterreported by several accounts, which thus explain this supposed change.

Google Maps has not changed location

The footage shared showed various military bases, intercontinental ballistic missile launch centers, command posts and even other secret areas. They were originally published by the @ArmedForcesUkr account, being frequently quoted by the international press.

These images appeared real and very detailed, thus opening the door to confidential and very sensitive information. The confidence was such that this publication was referenced in several international media.

Google Maps Military Russia Ukraine

Nothing has changed with the situation in Ukraine

Faced with this unprecedented situation on Google Maps, the search giant reacted immediately. In a post on Twitter, he said that ” did not make any blurry edits to their satellite images in Russia“. He added that the available images had been visible for several years in this service.

It is not uncommon for Google to treat sensitive sites with this image pixelation process. What would not be logical is this change by Maps, thus exposing sensitive Russian military information, even if it is a form of pressure against the situation in Ukraine.

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