Buster has love and energy to spare for his future owners. The 12-year-old dog had just spent two years living alone in his mistress’s yard when he was rescued by a British shelter. He is now looking for a place where he will live a peaceful retirement.


Kymm whitefounder of South East Dog Rescuerecently received a call for help to Buster, a 12-year-old dog who lived in unsuitable conditions. His mistress, elderly and suffering, could no longer take care of him for 2 years, and therefore let him spend his days locked in the garden, reports Mirror.

“He spent his time looking through the window”

It was heartbreaking for his owner to leave him in this condition and her son couldn’t walk him as often as he would have liked. It is therefore Kymmpained by this story, he did not hesitate for a single second to rescue the dog from this sad life and welcome him into his haven.

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The volunteers will quickly find him a loving home where he can enjoy a peaceful and well-deserved retirement. Despite his age and mobility issues, Buster was a very energetic dog who could spend his days playing fetch, so he would demand a lot of attention from his future owners.

Looking for a warm home

L’Spaniel had also been marked by the 2 long years of loneliness he had just experienced, and would therefore need time to put his trust in his next masters. All he wanted was to live under a warm roof, provided there were no cats, or Greyhound (Buster had been attacked by a dog of this breed when he was only a puppy and had been left traumatised).

The adoption ofSpaniel wouldn’t happen without the slightest restriction, but fortunately that didn’t stop it from catching the eyes of potential adopters. Actually, the news is good for Busterwhen he was recently placed in a temporary nursing home.

If all goes well, the dog can soon be finally adopted. According to members of the shelter, “ Buster is heading in the right direction » and finally seems ready to join a new home where he will know happy days…