Pip is an extraordinary doggy. After being abandoned and then rescued by his new mistress, he became a therapy dog ​​for children. If his mad pursuit of a squirrel separated him for a moment from his owner, he still knew how to return home.


Libby Bowles47, lives in Bristola city located in the southwestern part ofEngland. She adopted her 4-legged companion by name pee after it was abandoned Spain.

During his first life, pee was a hunting dog. Today he is a therapy dog ​​with children as part of the program Read2Dogs. It actually comes with it Libbywhich works in education so that school children learn to read calmly and without fear thanks to its support.

On September 18, 2022, Libby and pee went for a walk Leigh Woodsa wooded area in the city that is 8 kilometers from their home.

Suddenly the dog started chasing a squirrel. “The thing is, he’s very calm and composed, unless there’s something fat to chase. He’s run away before, but he’s always come back, so when he didn’t, I was quite worried.”have explained Libby to Mirror.

90 minutes to get home

After looking for him for an hour, Libby was joined by reinforcements. “I met some friends who went to the other side of the forest to see if they could find him. And they saw him walking under the fence towards the center of the city”told Libby.

The woman then alerted the Facebook community. Who kept an eye open.

pee was seen by several CCTV cameras. The dog traveled 8 kilometers and knew exactly where he was going.

“He walked back to our old flat, walked through the Bristol museum, crossed the Clifton suspension bridge… all stopping here and there to say hello to canine friends”reported Libby.

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ultimately, pee was seen in the park next to his house. His mistress could finally breathe a sigh of relief. She then called her neighbors, who welcomed the dog onto the porch.

Libby warmly thanked the community for their help. pee returned home safe and sound without even realizing the fright he had caused his landlady.