after the dogs and the cats, all these hens that we abandon

Saved from the slaughterhouse

If there are no precise statistics on the matter, since the emergence of the Covid, pet stores would record 30 and 40% additional sales each season while at the same time, thousands of aging breeding hens are diverted every month. from the slaughterhouse to be delivered to individuals. Among many others, the Caqueteuses association thus claims 50,000 poultry have been saved since December 2020. In Charente, on the weekend of February 26 and 27, Poules pour tous will organize three sales in front of DIY stores. Finally, not to mention the countless municipalities now distributing gallinaceae to their constituents to raise their awareness of the reduction of household waste.

“I took a day off so as not to meet too many people…”

From table trash cans to omelettes on legs, the affair, we are told, would be part of a global movement of “return to the earth” for some peri-urban and other neo-rurals in search of strongly correct feelings. Faced with a shortage of fresh eggs during the first confinement, still others went to get them at the source; in the ass of the hens. “And not just in the countryside,” confirms Marie-Claire Penot. “Today, there is no longer a housing estate that does not have a chicken coop. Many have also realized that these little beasts make great pets for little ones. »


Laudable intentions, of course, on the condition, however, of knowing a minimum about these balls of feathers that we will not go so far as to purr on the sofa. “Between the droppings, their morning cackling, the attacks of red lice and the rutted lawn, it quickly turned into a hassle”, regrets Julian, installed in Bouliac, in the Bordeaux suburbs. If this dyed-in-the-wool forty-year-old is not yet considering the worst “because of the children”, the slow decline of the shells nevertheless makes him dream of a return to the sender, in this case to hostile nature.

“There is no longer a subdivision that does not include its chicken coop”, assures Marie-Claire Penot, the president of the Refuge oléronais. “Many parents have realized that these little ones are also great pets for children. »

Photo Sylvain Cottin/”South West”

Because it is also about laying like love in literature, it lasts on average three years. When the egg hen sleeps, it is not uncommon for it to go to the pan or to the hatch. Regardless of the adoption contract submitted by associations and municipalities, many budding farmers will abandon them at a bend in the road. “She was ill, and as I felt unable to end her suffering, I decided to release her,” admits Eric euphemistically, well aware of the ridiculousness of the situation.

“I took a day off during the week to avoid meeting too many people, then I drove for an hour or two through the forests of the Médoc in search of an ideal place, fearing to meet the gendarmes . A few seeds, a bowl of water, and the dirty trick was done before a fox probably finished the job.

In the casserole ?

On the eve of the agricultural fair where the people of the cities will return to be amazed in front of postcard farms, collectives have ended up being alarmed by this fashion effect. “Chickens are not dolls”, annoys in particular Arnaud, at the origin of a petition addressed to the minister. “During confinement, it was enough to walk on social networks to see that most knew nothing about the maintenance of a chicken coop. Since then, this overpopulation has turned into waves of wild abandonment. All the more so when the SPA reminds us that its shelters are not suitable.

According to the interprofession (CNPO), the French have never eaten so many eggs.  In order: fried, omelette and boiled.  With a growing appetite for those from free-range farms (33% of sales).

According to the interprofession (CNPO), the French have never eaten so many eggs. In order: fried, omelette and boiled. With a growing appetite for those from free-range farms (33% of sales).

Photo Sylvain Cottin/ “South West”.

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