Before the health crisis, the focus of Business Intelligence was often placed around Big Data. However, in insurance, there are still functional islands to improve: reporting, data extraction, among others. Points which the broker has successfully tackled, obviously, if we are to believe the head of BI

It has been three years since AGEOS Assurances integrated MyReport, a business intelligence and reporting platform, from Report One. The intermediary specializing in collective insurance accompanies its clients and manages various services in the areas of provident insurance, health, retirement and damages. Objective: to assume this interprofessionality by offering a wide range of services to its customers, pushed the broker to adopt a BI tool. Before its integration,“The performance indices were identified but the whole problem lay in consolidating the data. Extracting them in old-school tools, including Excel, could take an entire day. Second, the data consolidation work was very time consuming. As for the freshness of the data, it was not there. Faced with this problem, AGEO has adopted the MyReport business intelligence solution.

The implementation project for this platform has started in the financial department. On modernization of the accounting tool. Beyond gaining autonomy and time, the objective for the brokerage firm was also to provide the Finance Department with new data environments, other than purely financial (bonus calls, for example, etc.) today, almost all of the services of the AGEO group benefit from this new BI tool, with around forty users.

According to AGEO Insurance, who comes back to the integration of this platform, “the implementation of the MyReport solution was transparent and fast. We were fully supported by Apogea, Report One’s partner. The implementation was done step by step, through exchanges with users in order to understand their expectations and needs. “Finally, the reflection was more oriented towards the promotion of the solution to the other services which were requesting its initiation. »

Ultimately, this new MyReport solution is thus available to employees of all levels and all departments. At the Management level, the most used functionality is Dashboarding; Managers also use it to monitor their activity and their teams, and to make decisions at their level.

The last word goes to , Thibaut Chesné, Managing Director of Report One: “With AGEO Assurances, everything happened very naturally. Directors and managers were reinforced on the added value of our business intelligence tool. The synergy between the departments was then put in place and the AGEO group is now well equipped to meet its growth challenges. We salute the work of our entire network of partners like Apogea, thanks to whom our projects see the light of day in the field.”