Agreement between Health Insurance and liberal doctors on revaluations

The agreement provides in particular for an increase of 300 million euros for general practitioners and specialists.

Health insurance and liberal doctors signed an agreement on Friday for nearly 800 million euros of investment with, in particular, more than 300 million euros in revaluations for general practitioners and specialists and 300 others for digital in health.

Three unions, MG France, Avenir Spé-le Bloc and the CSMF have signed this new amendment to the medical agreement, “an investment of just under 800 million euros”, indicated Thomas Fatôme, general manager of the Caisse. National Health Insurance (Cnam) during a press briefing. “This reflects broad support for this endorsement since these signatory unions represent nearly 54% of general practitioners and 61% of specialist doctors,” he added.

Text “imperfect”

This agreement, for Patrick Gasser (Avenir Spé-Le Bloc, first among specialists), “puts specialized medicine back at the center of the debate, without forgetting general medicine”. “The increase in the number of dependent elderly patients required giving attending physicians, without delay, the means to take care of them at home”, judges MG France in a press release, adding “taking responsibility” even if the text is “admittedly imperfect”.

The Union of Liberal Physicians (SML), “which had estimated the need for investment at 2 billion euros per year”, had indicated in a press release that it would not sign the endorsement “to protect liberal medicine”. Same decision on the part of the French Union for Free Medicine (UFML). And at the Federation of Doctors of France (FMF), the vote of the board of directors has not yet taken place but all its executives are opposed to it.

“Doubled” pay

Health Insurance has increased the amount of revaluations for general practitioners, from 100 to 165 million euros, mainly intended for home visits to chronically ill people over 80, whose remuneration “will be doubled”, according to a document seen by AFP.

Ditto for specialists, whose envelope goes from 80 to 165 million. About half will be dedicated to pediatricians, psychiatrists, medical gynecology and endocrinology. “Specialities in great suffering”, notes Jean-Paul Ortiz (CSMF). The other half will be released for the ad hoc consultant opinion (APC), given by a medical specialist at the explicit request of the attending physician, which will increase from 50 to 55 euros.

The Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, welcomed on Twitter an agreement “which better promotes home care for the elderly, supports psychiatry, pediatrics, access to care, the digital shift”. In addition to the revaluations, the agreement provides for 150 million euros for unscheduled care with the definition of the framework and the remuneration of the professionals of the SAS (Service of access to care, platforms intended to unclog hospitals). Added to this are 300 million euros for “encouraging the use of digital technology”, in particular concerning the shared medical file (DMP).

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