Ain. Speleologists are still trying to save Polux, the dog that disappeared in a cave

The case sparked an unexpected wave of support. Serge and Alain Fémy receive numerous calls and messages from all sides, all hoping for a happy ending for Polux.

Witness an influx of curious people who came to the scene to realize the situation the cavers had to face to find Polux, Serge’s 11-year-old fox terrier missing.

“Isca was in a sorry state”

Isca and Polux, two terriers, had disappeared in a badger cave on Saturday February 5th. Thanks to the investment of Valérie Magnan and Pascal Dubreuil, two Cerdon cavers from the Hauteville-Lompnès club, Isca was saved on Friday February 11. Today, she is slowly but surely recovering from her injuries at home. “She was in a sorry state, explained Alain. She had been bitten, scratched by the badger, especially on the head. She had…

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