Ain. Valuable help in accessing quality veterinary care

Whether they are homeless with a long journey on the street, whether they are marginalized, these men and women dented by life, most of the time have only their pet for emotional support. Destitute, living on social minima, they have no access to quality veterinary medicine.

Facilitate access to veterinary care for the poor

On the strength of this evidence, Tremplin, accommodation and social rehabilitation center (CHRS), chaired by Agnès Bureau and directed by Martial Do, noted that the animal was of particular importance to its owner. The quadruped becomes a vector of social ties and it is sometimes almost all that remains for a person who has lost everything.

Thierry Paris, veterinarian in Grenoble, and president of the Vétérinaire pour tous association was present on Wednesday, May 18, for the signing of this agreement. A partnership aimed at facilitating access to veterinary care for poor people who own pets.

Thanks to this agreement, VPT veterinarians in the region will be able to work on the Tremplin site

Financially, the method of calculation will be that of “three thirds”. One third at the expense of VPT, one third at the expense of the veterinarian for his participation in solidarity medicine and the last third at the expense of the owner.

An action that became concrete in the afternoon with half a dozen consultations carried out by Doctor Paris. The latter specified that the sudden influx of Ukrainian refugees, fleeing the war and having only been able to save their pet, was also supported by the Brigitte Bardot foundation.

Tremplin’s social workers will make appointments for people wishing to care for their animal during opening hours: Monday to Friday from 8:15 a.m. to noon and from 1:45 p.m. to 5 p.m. Information at or by email at [email protected]

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