Alexandre Liancier, new president of the Bar Association of Nevers

Always busy the president of the bar association. Newly elected by his peers to the bar of Nevers for the next two years, Alexandre Liancier is no exception to the rule: the meeting was scheduled for 10 a.m., we were satisfied that a slot had opened up in the middle afternoon.

The successor of Me Josiane Monteiro has for him the youth, 37 years old, but already twelve years of exercise of the profession. This purebred Neversois confides that “the life of the Bar Association (of which he has been a member of the Council for six years) has always interested me”.

His interest in this profession outside the family circle (no lawyer in his entourage) stems from an early and personal feeling: “The idea of ​​justice is a big word that can make you dizzy, but it can be reduced simply to the fact that those who cannot defend themselves alone are helped. This is the usefulness of the lawyer. »

A desired break in the frenzy to legislate

That of the chairman resides “in the defense of the profession. He is the interlocutor of the courts”. Relations described as “peaceful and constructive” with the two-headed management of the Nevers Judicial Court, President Agnès Bonnet and the public prosecutor, Alexa Carpentier.

The Entente Cordiale does not protect against all evils. The lack of means of justice is one “which ultimately penalizes the litigant. It is important that the magistrate has the time to work on his cases and not skim over them at a rush”.

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The frenzy to legislate that has gripped parliamentarians in recent years does not seem to be abating: “Me Carole Boirin, who preceded me to this function in 2016 and 2017, deplored this trend. Today is worse?! We live in permanent reform. Two, three, four additional laws per year: for everyone, is that too much?! Magistrates and lawyers adapt, somehow. »

The current Keeper of the Seals, Éric Dupont-Moretti, comes from the rank of lawyers, but did not consider it appropriate to take a break: “He has just reformed the code of criminal justice for minors. Behind, there is the whole implementation, from the juvenile court to the lawyers. Which is not self-evident. »

“We would appreciate a year without reform. After the reform of the judicial courts, and that of divorce, we were not even consulted for the penal composition in the gendarmeries…”

Jean-Christophe Henriet


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