The suspense is at its peak ! At the end of episode 7 of Married at first sight 2022, of which we have offered you the best moments in tweets, Alicia and Bruno appear in panic because the young woman’s cat, named Olympe, has disappeared. While everything is going for the best for the two newlyweds, they therefore experience their first scare as a couple. The one who criticized the editing is on the verge of tears and thinks that her husband is responsible for the disappearance of Olympe. “I told you to be careful. She doesn’t feel at home, I didn’t want us to open everything” she reproaches him.

Bruno doesn’t know where to go, feels guilty, and goes looking for him. “It’s my fault. I am seriously stressed, because I see my wife who is not well. I know the relationship that Alicia has with this cat (…) I make a thousand scenarios in my head and they are not good” worries the one who defended his sister on the networks.

In the images, we see the couple, who are thinking of renewing their vows this summer, return the apartment and look for the cat in the whole neighborhood. Alicia feels worse and worse and even takes big risks by climbing the bedroom window.

So, has the cat been found?

Episode 8, which will be broadcast on Monday May 16, 2022 on M6, is already available on Salto. And we finally find out if Olympe has been found or not. After long minutes of intense and risky research, Alicia decides to go back to look in the apartment. “I may have checked under the bed, but maybe I didn’t check properly! Maybe she’s between the slats. I have to lift the mattress. And there, I see her, in fact“says the pretty blonde. The cat had never left the house after all. from Bruno and was only hidden under the bed. “The panic goes down, I feel better“says his mistress, who would have done well without this big fright.