Alicia (Married at first sight 6): Her cat disappeared, Internet users deliver a crazy theory!

Olympe, Alicia’s cat had disappeared in the last episode of Married at first sight. A real drama for the young woman who no longer knew where to turn to find him. As a reminder, she had repeatedly asked Bruno to close the bay window so that he could not get out. We do not know yet if it is the result of chance but in any case, this famous bay window had been left open. Suddenly allowing the cat of the one who had made revelations about the production of Married at first sight to go away. Research is therefore still ongoing.

Disgruntled netizens

Internet users are far from thinking that this situation is pure coincidence. The latter indeed find that someone had intentionally opened this bay window just out of spite towards Alicia. Many even think that this famous person would only be Carine, Bruno’s sister. The fact that the latter was particularly possessive of her brother did not go unnoticed. This explains the suspicions of Internet users as to the fact that she is behind this disappearance.

This theory is of course to be taken with enormous tweezers. For her part, Carine had not yet come forward to defend herself against all these accusations against her. It remains to be seen whether she will do so soon because Internet users continue to go wild for the moment.

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