ALIKA, an exemplary animal protection association

Its president is a fervent advocate and lover of pets. As a speech therapist at Plate Saint-Leu, she regularly demonstrates the benefits of zootherapy. The presence of dogs and cats is good for our balance, “we must therefore be responsible and loving masters” according to Marie Polio, President of Alika (which means dog in Malagasy).

Volunteers with a big heart

Currently, the Saint-Leusienne association offers 7 kittens and 4 adult cats for adoption, as well as several stray dogs cared for free by members of the association thanks to donations from individuals. Between tattoo costs (chips), deworming or sterilization, the association spends no less than 250 euros for adoption. Beyond your financial generosity, ALIKA is also looking for host families that the Vice-President offers to train. Annie Marie Revert can be reached on 0692 64 51 51

For the sterilization formalities offered free of charge to families not taxed by the TCO, ALIKA takes care of all the administrative formalities and more by finding transport solutions for owners without a vehicle. The president takes care of it personally, you can reach her on 0693 8127 33

Be responsible masters

The responsibility of the masters is a major and daily concern of the association within the framework of the procedures of adoption in mainland France as in Reunion in order to avoid abandonment or harmful behavior for the animal. Thanks to this doctrine, the investments made since the official creation of the association have been real successes.

ALIKA advises you

ALIKA wants to make owners aware of the need to equip their pets with an electronic chip. This process is mandatory before any request for sterilization, recalls Anne-Marie Revert.

Alika’s project is to create a shelter and combine animal rescue with the benefits of zootherapy. City councilor David René accompanies and encourages them in this perspective: “this is a project that allows us to set a good example for all owners of domestic animals and to meet expectations in terms of animal protection. A big congratulations to all the members of their team who do not count the time spent saving dogs and cats abandoned on our territory but also caring for them and finding accommodation solutions. I encourage every responsible owner who wishes to adopt a pet to turn to Alika”.

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