Amber Heard: Johnny Depp triumphs after a huge blunder from his lawyers!

This is the most followed divorce of 2022! Amber Heard vs. Johnny Depp. And the two exes do not give each other gifts! The actor balances that the pretty blonde defecated on their bed and she accuses him of domestic violence. A hodgepodge of testimonials that would almost make you lose your head! Sara Azari, criminal lawyer from Los Angeles, deciphers the trial in the magazine 20 Minutes. For her, Johnny Depp had no chance at first: “But it’s different for Johnny Depp. There are two trials: one before a court in Virginia and one before public opinion. He said he wants to present his truth and it works. The support he enjoys on social media is mind-boggling. “. And it goes even further…

Amber Heard: Losing?

For the lawyer, the young mother of Oonagh lacks sincerity. Indeed, many criticize him for overplaying: “On the form, we have the impression that she has rehearsed a lot. She does too much, she looks at the jury and not her lawyer who asks her the questions. Generally, only experts who testify in a position of authority do this. Basically, she has a problem: where are the photos of the terrible abuse and injuries she describes? Please note that I am not saying that most victims take pictures or have to. But Amber Heard, she has well documented this period. “. For Sara Azari, it is undeniable: Depp won the trial of public opinion.

© Instagram / @amberheard We wish Oonagh not to suffer!

But what about the real trial? On May 5, Amber Heard addresses an argument that would have broken out between her sister, Whitney and the actor, in 2015: “I don’t hesitate, I don’t wait – instantly I think of Kate Moss and the stairs. And I punched him. In my entire relationship with Johnny up to that point, I had never laid a hand on him. And I, for the first time, hit him. Really hit, straight to the face. “. During his testimony, Johnny’s lawyer seems very happy and everyone looks at each other smiling. Heard’s lawyers must already regret having put Kate Moss forward… Case to follow!

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