Amélie’s passion for the Maine Coon, a hypersocial but demanding XXL cat

Amélie Kelen had a crush on the Maine coon in 2007. Since then, she has been at the head of a breeding of this breed of cat, the biggest in the world and the most requested in France.

The main coon is the biggest cat in the world. Originally from the United States, it is easily recognized. In addition to its imposing body, it sports pointed ears surmounted by a plume called Lynx tips, a powerful muzzle and a marked profile.
Amélie Kelen is a doctor. She fell in love with this animal and started breeding 14 years ago in Brignais in the suburbs of Lyon.

It all started in 2007 with a first specimen, Chaman. ” We had a real crush. We chose this breed because it is an exceptional cat, extremely close and kind. And he has this little wild animal side, very wild”. Amélie very quickly finds herself solicited for cat shows. On site, he is then advised to find a companion for “this very pretty breeder”. Comes the time of the first litter then everything is linked naturally.

Stone, Shadow, Kiss, Chandra… today 7 cats make up his herd. All live in a secure space, located in the family home. A vast place which represented a substantial investment. No wonder when you see Kiss, one of the maine coons in the family. The pet of 5 years old is 1 m 10 long and weighs 11 kg 200. He needs space.

When she opened her cattery in 2008, the species was little known in the territory and cat breeding was very rare. Over the years, this breed originating from the United States is gaining in popularity.

According to Official Book of Feline Origins, births in France have increased from 2,600 in 2018 to 23,549 in 2021. It monopolizes first place in the hearts of the French; long before the Sacred Burmese. Their hypersocial character, which contrasts with their impressive stature, has conquered many families.
Amélie is very vigilant and this increase scares her. ” When a race is fashionable, unfortunately it is not in its interest. Who says fashion, says a lot of breeding (not necessarily serious) and excessive breeding to meet demand that does not respect the criteria of the breed in terms of health“.

For her part, Amélie respects the natural birth cycle. A cat makes a maximum of one litter per year between its 1 year and its 6 years. To date, Amélie does not make any profit from her breeding. She is balanced. The costs are compensated by the sale of the kittens.

Amélie confides to us in hints that she is setting up a real casting to find a family for her cats. ” He is a cat who requires time, who needs solicitations because he gets bored quickly. I solicit families who have a second cat […] so that he never gets bored”. She also points out that, due to her confident character, her chances of survival in a hostile environment such as a roadside are limited. “He’s a cat that we can’t let out because he steals or hurts himself a lot“. He must be able to live indoors or in a secure garden. On the budget side, you must also be aware that “like all purebred animals, he needs more veterinary care”.

The price of a kitten is 1,400 euros and the waiting list is 2 years.

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