An abandoned kitten found in a professional premises gradually takes a taste for life (video)

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An employee heard meowing in the building where she works. After a long search, she discovers a frightened kitten at the bottom of a cardboard box. Love and patience allowed him to trust humans again.

Taylor Nichols works in an office building Van Nuysa district of Los Angeles in the state of California to the United States. One morning, she hears what appears to be a struggling cat. After carrying out her little investigation to find out where these mewings come from, she discovers a small black kitten, abandoned and alone in a cardboard box.

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“He was very scared at first and not very confident with humans. Being so small and without his mum, it’s totally understandable” said taylor. The young woman then used patience and a lot of love to get the kitten out of this state of panic. Little by little, the feline understood that it could be trusted and accepted the help offered to it.

An adopter for a new life

taylorknowing the kitten needed care and a loving home, appealed on social media. ryan came across the ad and immediately fell for the furball. She picked up the kitten, now named Beansand contacted the shelter Baby Kitten Rescue to Los Angeles for support. “I told her that we were full, but that we would support her if she could accommodate him, and she accepted”told Caroline Gracethe founder of the shelter, at lovemeow.

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The first night at ryan was a bit complicated. Beans was nervous and kept hiding under the bed. But very quickly, he felt confident and started playing: “We started to see his very fun, adorable and mischievous personality”relates ryan.

From now on, Beans grows up and enjoys life to the fullest in his new cozy home.

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