An animal found eviscerated in Le Castellet but the trail of a wolf attack is ruled out

There was enough to cry wolf, and yet… Wednesday evening, May 11, a family from Plan-du-Castellet residing in the middle of vineyards and olive trees, discovered their goat dead and presenting a fang blow to its the throat. And the sheep was gone.

The next day at daybreak, the woman finds her corpse further away, at the foot of the terraces, largely emptied of its entrails.

She inquires and several people suggest to her that it could well be a wolf attack. Which would be a first in this part of the Var.

The work of … dogs

As is customary in the face of such suspicion, on the advice of a rural warden, she leaves a message on the answering machine of the competent department of the DDTM (1), in order to be contacted again by an agent of the National Office hunting and wildlife (ONCFS). But once there to make the findings – and rid the dead animals, he concludes, without however being totally categorical, that it would rather be the work of large canines. Dogs, then.

Interesting details, although a little sordid, led him to favor this lead: the sheep was not attacked in the throat, according to the almost systematic method used by canis lupus. And, above all, all the viscera of the prey, missing, have probably been devoured. However, this would not be in the eating habits of the wolf. This animal indeed hates strong odors, preferring the most “noble” organs such as the heart, the liver, the lungs… Dogs, on the other hand, would be less difficult.

No other attacks to report

If the fear of the wolf seems to be able to be dismissed here, remains that of dogs potentially as ferocious and possibly still at large. Especially since, the day before these macabre discoveries, the family and neighbors heard people in the vicinity who were insistently looking for their dogs… The gendarmerie, informed, had no knowledge of other attacks, nor of reports of stray or lost pets. But caution is still in order.

(1) The number of the Departmental Directorate of Territories and the Sea (DDTM) to contact in the event of a suspected wolf attack is 04 94 46 83 93.

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